We are a team of psychotherapists working in the integrative approach of psychotherapy. We offer psychotherapy and psychiatric counselling.

To be able to heal human despair one has to understand that what bothers us originates not only from our genetic heritage, not only from the battle of our suppressed instinct drives, not only from the internalized important adults who might have neglected us, might have not loved us or might have been neurotic, not only from distorted thinking patterns, not only from the bits and pieces of the long forgotten traumatic memories or current crisis in a career or relationship with important people, but also from a confrontation with our existence.

Irvin Yalom, “Staring at the Sun”

Psychotherapy is a conscious and intentional application of recognized psychological methods and interpersonal attitudes with aim to help others to modify their behaviours, cognitive processes, emotions. It means professional assistance in making changes within oneself and in the direction that is desired by the psychotherapy clients.

Integrative psychotherapy is a modern approach to psychotherapy that integrates main therapeutic streams such as humanistic, psychodynamic and cognitive-behavioural. For that reason, it offers a wide choice of helping methods, tailored to individual needs of the person seeking counselling or support.